Our recognitions

In 2014, when the law about the “Home Made” came, we were already in a professional behavior that permit us to work in short business process without intermediary with our supplier in order that the final product be fresh and well cooked by our chef.

That’s why, after we get the “Maitre Restaurateur” en March 2015, we are happy to announce you that l’Auberge du lac is now listed as member of ” Guide Michelin 2016 “.

Indeed, we received two forks and a plate in the famous red guide.

More over, our Chef,  Vincent Favre-Félix is a member of “Eurotoques” since december 2015 depui. This association is composed of european Chef and has a goal to guarantee consumers, an healthy way to eat, and defend cooking heritage.

Ce restaurant situé en bordure du lac joue sur les tons marins, que ce soit dans la décoration de la salle à manger, comme dans l’assiette, à l’instar de ce maquereau mariné, légumes crus et cuits et saladine de saison. Aux beaux jours, le déjeuner en terrasse sur le ponton est un instant privilégié.
Les inspecteurs du guide MICHELIN, Guide Michelin