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Philippe Héritier’s snail, snail breeders in Poisy

He is raising Helix Aspersa Maxima snails, commonly referred, Big grey. Snails are raised in these lands and feed them with fresh grass. Visit his website


Léman’s fishes; a rhythm close to nature

Each days, 50 fisherman are going to the lake to bring back wild fishes with an authentic and refined  taste like the Féra, the crayfish, l’Ombre Chevalier, pike and more other… They care about the future of the lake, and they daily act with a strong respect for fishing rules like the fishing season closing during the fish’s procreation according to each species or like the fish’s size.


The egg

That’s maybe not too much but eggs are offering plenty of cooking recipes. The Chef likes it a lot because he loves to surprise his clients in joining this simple food to snails, lentils or squids and a lot of other products. Like with a simple egg, the culinary discovering will be here !